The hotel provides various bodybuilding facilities to release your tiresome living in this busy and prosperous city. The Health Center is equipped with a series of leisure activities for your choice to relax your mind and body, to stretch your vigor. There are professional coaches at the site to provide correct health exercises and consultations.
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CANUDILO  A high-ranked Chinese man brand focusing on commercial travelling and fashion, a lifestyle advocating elegant commerce and travelling, CANUDILO an art spirits insisting exploration, sharing and surmounting, a brand philosophy practicing “World Commercial Travelling Legend” over ten years. Series exquisite, simple, high-quality products and services are promoted continuously guided by the internationally advanced fashion culture and ideas and generated through combination between the artistry and practicability of the commercial travelling fashion.
Now it continues solidifying its leading position in the field of high-ranked man clothes, over three hundred retailing shops have been established in Hong Kong, Macao and other mainland cities, even brand-image shops are set up at all major airports in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc.; in the future, it still devotes itself to building exquisite and elegant image continuously, sharing commercial travelling life together with global successful mans, aiming at inheriting classics, propagating fashion, and transmitting dream, so as to generate entirely new commercial travelling legend.



Location:1st Floor